Solar and battery quote - LG Chem RESU batteries, Huawei hybrid inverter, Sunpower panels

I’ve been quoted just under $20,000 for a solar and battery system. 20 x sunpower panels 320w 6.4kw, Battery is a LG CHEM RESU10 9.8kwh, Inverter 5kw Huawei Hybrid, I know nothing about solar. Would this be a good system. Its a lot of money to waste if its not right. We live in North QLD.

Hi @gena45

Those products are all very good. We have relevant reviews on all of them:

:point_up_2:Worth reading the paragraph titled "Careful in hot climates"

I’m not too sure on the price, I don’t have much experience pricing hybrid systems. I don’t think it’s cheap, but freight to Nth Qld can’t be cheap, and if you are happy and confident in the solar company you’ve bought it off, then it’s probably worth it.

Would love to see what it looks like installed, if you could post some pics.


We always the Outback System for example 7.0 Flexpower 2 24Volt which will give you the 220 or whatever you use down there. You need to convert the KWH to Amp hrs which is the standard