Sunpower MAX5-400-Res-ACPV vs LG Neon 2

Brisbane, some shading. Battery distant future. EV car very distant future. High usage. Both options will put panels on tin with future expansion to 120sq tile if needed. Highly reviewed and reputable installers. After gov discount (AUS dollaroos).

Platinum enphase installer 12kw LG NeON 2 365W (LG365N1C-N5) -Enphase IQ7 Plus-72-2-INT $17,917.00
Platinum enphase installer 12kw LG NeON 2 365W (LG365N1C-N5) -Enphase IQ7A Q7A-72-2-INT $18,412.00
Installer 11.47kw Longi LR4-60HPH 370, Enphase IQ7 Plus $15,650

Gday @jmeikle

Yeah that looks alright. It’s a bit higher than our cost estimate suggests for a 12kW system, but Enphase is priced right at the top end.

What are your main goals with getting solar? Best ROI? Best quality system?

12kW “Premium” system:

Thanks @Marty, also appreciate the community that has been built here.

I may be using more of the tile roof since a lot of the cost here (I think) is labour and have asked for a modified quote for this. I have a minor concern that IQ8 isnt here yet and I would like to use its power outage benefit in the future if possible so leaving roof space for using them later was a thought.

That said don’t get a lot of outages.

Goals in order:

  1. Removing (ideally) or reducing electricity bill ($200 a month with ~350, 2850 year).
  2. A quality system that will last, staying in this house not moving.
  3. Return on investment
  4. Connection with home automation system for effective use of it.

Hi @jmeikle

Ok well looks like this system would tick those boxes. According to our Solar Simulator you’d cut around 90% of your bill out. It’s a quality system. You might be able to do a bit better on ROI if you got that price down a bit, but if they are a really good company then it’s probably worth it.

Good luck with it, let us know how it goes.


Thanks @Marty will see if i can get some pictures after the build, roughly a few months away.

A little development a product has come up

Same installer as first LG one with:
13kw 400W Sunpower (MAX5-400-Res-ACPV) includes IQ7A Micro inverters as a single product. $20,606.

Hi @jmeikle, ok they are freshly available in Australia now.

@Svarky, how does this compare to the Enphase + LG Neon 2 combo? Looking at approx $2k difference for a 13kW system.

Freshly is correct, apparently weeks old in Australia.