REC vs LG Neon R panels

Gents, thoughts pls on pricing for my shade affected long term residence. panels will be fitted to single level tin roof on east/west and north faces.

17 x LG 375w Neon R panels with Enphase IQ7+ inverters and Envoy S $10K – is there anything else I need for total monitoring of the system?

Whats the deal on REC alpha panels? being encouraged to try them…

Thank you for your advise

Micro’s are the best option for shade affected rooftops. That is a very reasonable price for the best LG panels money can buy and Enphase IQ7+ micro’s.

The REC Alpha panels are very good, but the LG Neon R are a better panel overall. You really cannot beat IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) cells for performance and lifespan.

Thanks for your reply! I’ll ask for a quote for some Maxeon panels as I am worried about the shade and bypass diides long term - or is it not an issue with the Neon R panels?
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So just received my Maxeon 3 quote, here is my options:

17 LG Neon R 375w / IQ7+ / Envoy S = 6.375 kW panels @ 10K
15 Maxeon 3 375w / IQx / Envoys S = 5.93 kW panels @ 10.9K


Have you considered DC optimisers e.g. Tigo.
To me it seems like the simplest solution and is inverter agnostic, which gives you freedom to change your inverter later if needed. You only need to install them for problem modules, so you may be able to reduce the quantity compared to other optimiser systems or micros. Works by impedance matching to partially bypass a shaded module, to avoid engaging the bypass diode, and ensure adjacent panels are unaffected.
One installation company advised the micros comms equipment can be a hassle to set up, but happy to be corrected here. Do a price comparison also.

Not an issue at all with LG panels. Strange, why would you think bypass diodes are an issue?

I was worried about bypass diodes failing, once I became better informed it appears now to be a none issue with each panel on individual MI as there is now no need to worry about panels with varying shade levels affecting each other like on a string inverter, correct?