Solar quote in central Texas

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting here, so apologies in advance. I live in central Texas and am seriously considering getting solar installed. Two sides of my house face the SE and SW, and we use about 15,000 kWh of electricity each year. The panels will be split between two different sides of the roof, and we have no shade to speak of. I’ve gotten several quotes and I would love to get your opinions. The prices below are before the federal tax credit:

  • Option 1
    • 26 LG NeON 2 380 W panels with optimizers
    • SolarEdge inverter
    • $29,640 / 9,880 W = $3/W
  • Option 2
    • 23 Q CELL Q.PEAK DUO L-G7.2 400 W panels with optimizers
    • SolarEdge inverter
    • $27,600 / 9,200 W = $3/W
  • Option 3
    • 26 LG NeON 2 ACe 365 W panels with embedded microinverters
    • $27,000 / 9,490 W = $2.85/W
  • Option 4
    • 21 SunPower A-Series 415 W panels with embedded SunPower microinverters
    • $30,936 / 8,715 W = $3.55/W
  • Option 5
    • 26 LG NeON R 375 W panels with Enphase microinveters
    • $33,317 / 9,750 W = $3.42/W

What do you think? PVWatts says 1 kW will generate about 1,530 kWh. These are for turnkey installations where they do everything for us. I plan on using the REP Rhythm for 1:1 buyback, and we have no TOU billing.

I am shying a bit away from option #3 just because I’ve looked at the LG monitoring interface, and to me it looks like a mess. The SolarEdge and Enphase interfaces look much more appealing, but that could just be my (very) limited opinion. :blush:


Hi @Tycho

For mine option 3 seems the best value. Not just because it’s cheapest, but it’s cheapest with very good products. Neon 2 is not the latest and greatest panels, but they are still very good quality. I would personally find it hard to spend much more when you can get LG and Enphase for the lowest price.

Hope that helps

Actually, I was assuming the embedded micros were Enphase. Are they not? What are they?

So I did some research, and while the NeON 2 ACe uses an Enphase IQ6+ micro, you have to use the LG gateway and EnerVu monitoring system at Maybe I’m just being too picky, but I’m not a fan of how it looks. And the iOS app is nothing more than a poorly done wrapper to their website. ‎LG EnerVu2 Owner on the App Store

Here’s some info on the ACe panels: Introducing The LG NeON R ACe Solar Panel

Personally, I was leaning a bit to option 1, and I’m hopeful I could knock it down by another $1k or so, but I’m all ears as to what you think!


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Yeah fair enough. I think that’s a good enough reason to look at a different option. SolarEdge is a good option, they all are.