LG and SolarEdge panel systems

After considerable research I have decided to go with a 3.3 to 3.6 Kw panel system. I decided to go with a SolarEdge inverter and sought a quote on two panel options. Removing the cost of the electrical meter box upgrade common to both quotes the two quotes are as follows
Option 1
11 SolarEdge 300w smart panels with built in optimisers total 3.3Kw.
Solar edge SE3000H inverter
SE Energy Monitor 3P
Option 2
11 LG Neon 2 330w panels total 3.63Kw
SolarEdge SE3000H inverter
SE Energy Monitor

We have a tiled roof and three phase power.
We plan to live in this house for probably the next 10 years.

Considering the above I would appreciate your view as to which option you would recommend.


Hi @Roger45

Are you getting optimisers with Option 2? If so, I would find it hard to separate. If not, you should choose option 1 I would think.

Are these options from different companies? If so, I would go with the company you are most comfortable with, as the quotes are similar enough. I would be happy with either personally.

How that helps.


Hi Marty

Thanks for your advice. Both options come with individual optimisers. Both options are from the same company which is the one I feel most comfortable with.

I think that I will go with option 2. The company involved is Solarhub.

Thanks again