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I just received two quotes for residential system, and I’d like some independent advice.

Both are for 3kW systems, as our roof space is limited. And both cost $4,600.

The first is from Bradford Solar, as follows:

  • 10 x Canadian Solar KuPower 300W panels
  • 10 x Solaredge P350 power optimisers
  • 1x Solaredge HDW 3kW inverter

The second is from iGreen Energy, as follows:

  • 10 x LG Neon 2 330W panels
  • Fronius primo 3kW inverter

What would you recommend?


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Hi @Fall_in_queue

This is a tough one, finding it hard to separate the two.

I’d take LG over Canadian panels, plus you are getting 10% extra panels with the LG.

SolarEdge optimisers are nice to have though, they give you panel level optimisation and monitoring, which could end up getting an extra 10% out of your system (that’s a guess), and if you have a problem with a specific panel you’ll know about it a lot quicker than without the optimisers. On the other hand, Fronius is a top notch inverter, and our favourite for quality, and paired with LG you wouldn’t expect issues.

I can’t really separate the companies either. Bradford is clearly bigger and I think been around longer. That doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay around longer. Have you tried getting a quote from a local electrician that you know? - Not that you need to, I would personally be happy to go with either of the quotes you’ve received. For me it would come down to how comfortable you are with the people you met from each company. I have a list of questions you might want to ask if you feel like you need to split the two here:

Hope that helps, Marty.

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Thanks, Marty. Both companies seem forthright and happy to answer all my questions (and, importantly, not pushy), but with Bradford there is one individual person who is responsible for the area and who is my contact, whereas with iGreen it’s a little less clear who I’m dealing with each time. I’ll take some more time to think and ask them more questions!

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I will go for the 2nd quotes LG +Fronious