LG Neon 2 390w & Enphase IQ7 + compatibility

Which is my best option? I have been given three quotes as follows:

16 LG 390w 72 cell panels
16 Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
Annual production KWh 7,176


16 LG 365w panels
5 KW Solar Edge Inverter
16 Solar Edge Optimizers
annual production 6740 Kwh



16 LG 370w panels
(1) KW SMA Inverter w/ rapid shut down and Optimizers
annual production 6824 Kwh

I live in NH.

Hi Nancy

The Enphase option looks clearly the best option on paper in my book.

You are getting more panel output, plus many people have argued very convincingly that if panels are equal, then Enphase is the best inverter option. So it looks to me that in this case the best option is also the cheapest.

The only question is, are the companies Equal. Can you please provide us with the the solar retailer names?


Frase Electric, South Tamworth, NH gave me all quotes except the the Enphase which came from a newer company called 603Solar. Julie Laracy is sales person I have been dealing with and she is well versed in the solar.

Thank you for any additional insight you provide.


Nancy M. Cavalieri, CFE BSc

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Hi Nancy

It seems quite clear in the Enphase iq7+ specs sheet that they are compatible with 72 cell panels up to 440W.

Assuming you are talking about LG Neon 2, which are a 72 cell panel.

We have a related discussion on Enphase IQ7X and + compatibility, I’ll post there and see if there is any additional feedback for you.

I also ran it through the Enphase Compatibility calculator, and it got a :white_check_mark:

From what you are saying, I agree that 603Solar sound like a good option.

Having said all that. I agree that whilst there may not be any compatibility issue, there would be significant clipping. So I would question Julie (or Enphase, or LG) as to whether that is the best combination.


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Thanks Marty,

I appreciate immensely a non-biased expert opinion. I want this installed before end of year for tax benefit. My main goal besides having solar was to maximize the output of energy for future needs: switching from propane FHW heat and DHW to heat pumps/mini-splits when furnace dies, and of course EV’s.

My home is small thus I am maximizing the space on my roof, I don’t have enough land to put solar array anywhere else.



Hi Nancy, How’s things Marty?
It’s been a while. Anyway may I suggest running a slightly smaller panel size.
I’m not sure of the space you have available and I’m not sure of your supply companies limitations on inverter sizing ie 5kW maximum. Even with 5kW maximum you’ll get away with 17 IQ7+ being a total of 5015w. The new 60 cell 350w LG neon2 should be available over your way within weeks. I snapped up the last of the 330w here in WA and have 4 Pallets left to get me through, until there released here. 17 350w panels equal 5.95kW system slightly smaller the the 16 390w @ 6.24kW system but lager than the other 2. I won’t tell you what I sell it for, because it’ll upset you. But you should be able to comfortably negotiate a cheaper price. With Enphase you can deploy east north and west at the same time if that helps. It’s a bit hard not being able see the roof in nearmaps. I really struggle with guys that use 72 cell panels in residential work they are designed for commercial deployment and there’s very few house roofs they look good on. I’d go back to 603Solar and re negotiate on the new 350w Lg.

Kind regards
Den Thomson
Sales Manager
Down South Solar Power
Bunbury WA


Thanks Den, very useful.

Just to clarify, Nancy is over in New Hampshire, USA, so pricing will slightly be different, also unlikely to have a 5kW inverter limit.

Thanks Marty and Den for all your insights.

Den-I am at Lat. 43.99 in NH-USA, and have a small cape style house w/ full dormer on south side. Dimensions of house are 24’ X 28’. The eve to peak of roof is 173" X 319 " wide. I can’t fit 17 panels on my roof, and I am trying to maximize the energy production for future adding heat pumps and eventually and EV. The LG 390w array produces the most of options presented to me of 7,176 Kwh’s.

We have a call in to Enphase to find out how much clipping should I expect with this configuration, and if this configuration is the best option for me.

Thank you both!