LG Neon2 330 W vs SunPower E20 327W panels

I live in Canberra and I am looking to install a PV panel system of approx 6 Kw. I have good aspect with a large north facing tile roof on which I can fix 12-13 panels and a west facing roof on which I could fix 7 panels. After considerable research I have decided to go with top end panels. How do the above panels compare in regard to performance and price. What inverter would you suggest I use. I have 3 phase power.

Hi @Roger45

I’ll start with the easy question, get a Fronius inverter, they have an extensive 3 phase range.

LG or SunPower, well that will cause some debate. But in short, either. They are indeed the best and hard to separate. You’ll probably find LG at a cheaper price in Australia though. SunPower have a more exclusive setup, you can’t just buy their panels from a wholesaler, so they are harder to get.

Hope that helps.


Solar Power Canberra page:

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Hi Marty
Thanks for the advice. I think I will go airhead and get a couple of quotes. In can
Anberra I was thinking of Solarhub and Solargain. Is there another company I should consider?

Thanks again