Solar - Melbourne

We are investigating getting solar panels. Had this quote from Origin with a battery and pricing is with 5 year contract with their Virtual Power Plant. (subsidises the battery? If you break the contract early you pay $5,500 in first year through to $1100 in 5th year.)

VPP Solar 6.6kW + LG 10kWh Battery including:
 20x330watt JA Solar panels with 1x5kW Sungrow inverter and 10kWh
LG Chem Battery with LG Chem RESU10 LV

Panel Model: JAM60S10-330/PR/1000V
Inverter Model: SH5K-30


Feeling a little like the more I look into all the details and what the best options are, the more confused I’m getting. (Note: Not eligible for Vic rebate.)

Any feedback most appreciated. I’m going in circles.

Had another quote for just the panels from another company.

1 x Solis-1P5.0K-4G D.MPPT Single Phase
20 x Jinko Cheetah HC 60M 330W (JKM330M-60H)

Hi @AusSue

I’ve looked into a similar Origin VPP quote previously. Here’s the thread on that:

Let me know if you have thoughts after reading that.


Thanks for that.

Turns out we’ve got 3 phase power not single phase so that takes the Origin VPP option off the table at this point. Will start again and see where we end up.