Solar quote Melbourne

13 x Sunpower Performance 3 380W AC
13 x Sunpower P3 IQ7A Enphase 25 Year

  • Enphase Envoy-S Metered 1Ph & 3Ph
  • 24 Pole Enclosure IP65
  • Ferrite Core
    Less STCs (GST N/A) -$1,820.00
    52 STCs*
    Solar VIC Rebate -$1,400.00
  • Where eligible for the Solar VIC Rebate
    Out of Pocket Price (inc. GST) $6,800.00
    Interest Free Loan (inc. GST) Payable to Solar VIC -$1,400.00
  • Where eligible for the Solar VIC Interest Free Loan. To be repaid by the householder over 4 years
    Up-front Price (inc. GST) Payable to Solargain $5,400.00

That is a reasonable quote for high-quality panels and Enphase Mircoinverters.

Did you get any other quotes?

Yes I did.
6.6 kw system with Tiger Pro 60HC 440 Watt panels and Goodwe inverter for $3200
What do you think?

the supplier is Amazing solar

Hi @chandra

I don’t know how they can do it so cheap. Seems too cheap to me.


Have you had reviews of Amazing Solar?

Also this price is after $1400 rebate and $1400 loan. So the actual price to us will be $4600

Hi Marty

The $3200 price was after the $1400 rebate and $1400 loan. The actual amount I pay is therefore $4600


Oh ok, that makes more sense. $4600 is low, but I can see how it adds up.

I haven’t heard anything first hand, but the Google Reviews seem pretty positive.

Thanks Marty, much appreciated!