VPP Solar - Virtual Power Plant

Hi, got a quote for VPP Solar 6.6 kW + 7kWH Battery that includes 20 X 330 watt TRINA panels with 1 X 5kW Sungrow invertor and 7kWH BYD battery, fully installed for $11,680. The amount is significantly lower than other quotes i got for solar panels alone.

Could you please review and advise if the company for solar panels, battery and invertor are quality products and are worth the investment

Hi @deep.p,

What location are you in? Also what is your reason for wanting batteries?


Hi @deep.p

I’m interested in the arrangement with the supplier of this solar system. Did you go ahead in the end with the batteries? The upfront cost is cheap, are you required to then export your excess power for a low price, or what is the arrangement?


Hi Marty,

I haven’t signed the contractvyet, waiting for some renovations to be completed. However you can get more info here: https://www.originenergy.com.au/solar/panels-batteries/virtual-power-plant.html.


Interesting, thanks for that.

So it looks like you get a 7kWh battery at $3945 instead of RRP $10495 (or $9700 if you read a little lower on the same page). The unit costs about $4k wholesale, so that RRP is pretty high.

For that, you’ll get a minimum credit of $300 per year. That’s a 13 year payback period, if you continue to get that amount after the 5 year contract ends. And it’s unlikely you’ll receive more the $300 - if you charge the full 7kWh every day from your solar, and discharged it at let’s say an extra 15c than what your feed in tariff is, that’s (7 x 365 x $0.15) $383, which is quite generous assumptions I think.

The claim that you’ll “Be more self-sufficient by storing the solar power you generate” is very dubious when they also state they’ll have 100% control of discharging and charging of your battery.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite interested in the VPP concept, I think it makes a lot of sense, however this deal doesn’t strike me as one that I would jump at.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for crunching the numbers. I have received an updated quote for a 10kwh battery for $9995, am not eligible for state govt rebate of $1850.

Whilst i agree that storing power may not make me self sufficient, however after doing some hunting, the amount i am spending for VPP is comparable to panels only quote from other companies. I am just assuming that i may be in a slightly better position with a battery since i will be able to use power from Battery at night as opposed to the grid!!!

Happy to hear your thoughts on this.


Hi Deep

Sorry, I forgot to get back to you. I don’t think the slightly larger battery makes a big difference to the financial bottom line, especially if they are still only guaranteeing a minimum credit of $300 a year - or have they increased that along with the battery?

Really what it comes down to is why you might want batteries. It’s not always financial reasons. However, if you are thinking you will be slightly better of financially, than just getting solar, I don’t think so.

You could easily get the solar system on it’s own from a reputable company for about $5k - $6k after STCs and before Vic rebates. So you are looking at $4k extra for the battery. Which is quite a good price for the 10kWh battery, but I think you are still looking at over 10 year payback on it, whereas the solar payback would be half that probably.

It’s not all about financials and payback periods though, so don’t let me talk you out of getting batteries for those reasons. At a minimum I reckon it’s worth getting some more quotes for VPP just to compare this offer, try Shinehub, I know they do VPP.


Gday Deep.p, i was wondering if you ended up going ahead with your VPP with origin, and if so how its been going for you? I am also considering it. The most recent trial or origins VPP has ended as there were 650 places, however i have a quote they will honor. Fairly similar, 6.6kW system, 5kW sungrow and 370w JA panels for a total of $9.5k. i am not eligible for any rebates except the standard STC.