Off-grid quote - Canberra

Hey all,

Quote for an off-grid system near Canberra - looking for some advice on price and the components :slight_smile:

  • Where you are located: Canberra
  • Panels: 12kW - 31 x JA 390w (JAM60S20)
  • Inverters: 1 x Victron Quattro 48/10000, 1 x Fronius 5kW, 1 x Victron Smartsolar 250/100 Charge Controller
  • Batteries: 28.4kWh Pylontech
  • Price quoted: 48k (not including install)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom,

For that price I would expect a full installation. It’s too much for the supply of the components only. Is this a Commodore pre-wired system?

I would definitely try to get some other quotes.

Thanks good to know!
Yeah it is.

Have had another quote come back:
Solar Panel(s): 30 x Trina (model: TSM-370DD08M.08(II)) 370 Watts
Solar Inverter: 2 x Sunny Boy 5000W (model: SMA SB5.0-1AV-41) - 2+2 strings
Batteries (BYD_LVS): BYD 48V 24kWh as 1 x IP55 Battery Tower(s)
Distribution board: 1600 x 1000mm, pre-wired
Inverter-Charger: 2 x SMA Sunny Island 8H 8000W/115A (model: SI8.0H-13)

Price: 55,800

As you are looking to go Off-Grid or behind the meter.

The following is supply equipment only;

  1. 1 x 10kW YiY Off-grid Inverter with built in MPPT & AGS function.$2’200.00
  2. 3x 10.24kWh, 48V, YiY LiFePO4 Batteries $11’350.00
  3. 25x 445W (11.12kW) Longi Panels $6’650.00
  4. 1x 6.5kW Silenced Generator with ATS function $1’800.00
    TOTAL: $22’000 +Delivery

That provides a totally stand alone system.
Fitting the inverter & batteries onto a wall is simple, just need two people to lift 100kg Battery onto the Wall brackets.

It would be interesting if any installers on here can quote what the ballpark cost should/would be, to install 25 solar panels on an common single story Rooftop?