Off-grid SMA Quote Canberra

Hey all,

Have had a second quote come in for an off-gird system near Canberra.

Solar Panel(s): 30 x Trina (model: TSM-370DD08M.08(II)) 370 Watts
Solar Inverter: 2 x Sunny Boy 5000W (model: SMA SB5.0-1AV-41) - 2+2 strings
Batteries (BYD_LVS): BYD 48V 24kWh as 1 x IP55 Battery Tower(s)
Distribution board: 1600 x 1000mm, pre-wired
Inverter-Charger: 2 x SMA Sunny Island 8H 8000W/115A (model: SI8.0H-13)



@Svarky any thoughts here?


SMA is great quality but they are not very common these days with the strong competition from Victron Energy and the Aussie made Selectronic SP PRO inverters.

The biggest issue I see with this quote is the undersized solar array. I would expect a larger solar size. Oversizing solar is very common due to the low cost of panels and it will dramatically reduce generator runtime in winter and during several days of poor weather.

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Thank you! Makes sense