Solar quote *Nelson Bay* NSW

Hi I’m new here. I’m getting quotes for an off grid system for a local sporting club.
I have a quote from a company for a system that comprises 18 x 550watt panels, a Deye 8kw single phase inverter and a 10kw battery in a metal cabinet, including solar panel rails and brackets but no installation. $21.6k what do you think?
and are Deye inverters suitable for off grid use.

thanks Waza

Yes, the Deye inverter is one of the few hybrid inverters that will work off-grid without a problem. The price is very reasonable for a system of this size and type.
The question is whether this system is suitable for your loads and requirements. It is not a very big system, so I’m assuming the loads are not very large at the sporting club.

thankyou for your reply and the information. I also read your Deye Inverter review which was very good. We are looking at replacing our current small system which is 1030ah at 24 volts and only 1.5kw of solar. The Club doesn’t have large loads, we want to run a couple of fridge’s, a security and alarm system, a small very compressor intermittently, for a couple of hours, 3 days a week, a microwave for less than 1/2 an hour in total intermittently over 3 days a week and if possible a 7kw inverter split system air conditioner a couple of hours a day mid summer, 3 days a week and the same mid winter for heating.