15kw + battery system (hybrid) - quote

Hi all,
Looking at nailing down a 15kw system for our property we are building on Tamborine Mountain QLD.
I have had so much conflicting advice and I am now a bit lost.
We have 3 phase on site
Battery reasoning - we rely on pumps for water (no town water) and power can be unreliable.
Interested in the VPP though to offsite some of the price though.

Solar panel
40 × 390W Powerwave Twin Power II - PW-390-BMD-HV

1 × Sungrow SH10.0RT · 10000W

1 × Sungrow Power SG5.0RT · 5000W

Battery - Sungrow 192 (19.2kw)

All installed

About 34k (after QLD rebate)

Any thoughts??

Would be interested in any suggestions or thoughts…


Hi @dahurldog

Makes sense. The price seems ok for this system, if perhaps at the high end.

The products are ok, nothing special. Powerwave rebadges Seraphim solar panels, Seraphim are ok. Sungrow is a decent inverter option though, looks like you’ve got 3 phase inverters, one of which is a hybrid. I think that all makes sense.

My only suggestion would be to get another quote if you can. Always good to compare. What’s the conflicting advice you’ve received?

I think VPP generally makes sense, but I’d be interested in seeing what the offer is if you have a link?