Redback inverter or Huawei inverter & battery

Location: Frankston Victoria
Arena Solar quote: 20 x 300w Longi Panels, 1 x 6kw Redback Hybrid Inverter, 2 x 2.4kwh Pylontech Batteries total cost $14500.00 for immediate installation without waiting for govt subsidies
Spectrum29 quote: 16 Longi 300, 1 Huawei 5kw battery ready Inverter and Battery total cost minus Govt subsidies $9150 (battery cost $4700)

Hi @KayeClancy

This is probably a good question for @Svarky, he’s our battery and hybrid expert.


Hi KayeClancy,

Considering the low amount of solar irradiation during winter in Victoria I would always go for the largest solar size possible, especially if installing batteries as you want to have enough solar capacity to both charge the battery and power the household.

Both are good options, but I would go with the Redback inverter as it has backup capability and is a nice, simple all-in-one unit with some smart home control features. Huawei is also good and will use the LG Chem battery, but doesn’t provide any backup power.

In terms of battery sizing (or even needing a battery), do you know how much energy do you use in winter and summer on average? Or how much is your electricity bill?

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