SolaX X-1 Hybrid HV 5.0 plus triple power battery

Hi there,

Ive been quoted around $13,000 for a Sola X Hybrid HV5.0 inverter, a Sola X Triple power 6.3kWh HV Battery with 20 x sunpower p19-320 w panels.

Does this seem reasonable?



Yes sounds very reasonable, especially with Sunpower panels, what model panel? Just also make sure you are happy the company, the sales methods and service.

Quick Question: I’m trying to gauge different reasons people chose to get solar and a battery. Wondering what your motivation is with purchasing battery storage?


Thanks for the response Jason,
Sunpower P19 RES 320w panels have been quoted,
Motivation is a combination of environmental and financial reasons.


Hello there,

Im very close to choosing a system, I have been quoted a 13.23 kW system with storage it includes the following.
42 x Longi 315w split
1 x Solax X Hybrid 5 kW inverter, and 1 x Solax X standard 5 kW inverter
6.3 Kw Triple Power Battery with 2 x eps

$16,700.00 after STC’s

I’m interested powering our home and moving a large portion of our consumption to daytime use, while allowing for any excess to firstly fill the battery then export to the grid to lower our reliance on the grid.

I have seen the installers work and it looks very good, neat and tidy with minimal disruption, I was hoping that you might offer some advice on this

Hi Hugh,

The Solax hybrid inverters have reasonably good reputation as a economical energy storage solution. The Triple power batteries have not been on the market for long but I haven’t heard of any issues with them. I just hope you have a good sheltered location for the inverters or batteries?

Longi are a reasonable panel and the price is definitely good, almost too good.

I’m assuming you have split phase or 3 phase power?

Hi there,

The Inverters and battery will be housed downstairs in a garage of a brick home in, so there will be adequate cover with a relatively controlled operating temperature.

As for the power we are on single phase, I have been instructed that both inverters are connected to the circuit board.

The hybrid feeds the battery whilst the standard feeds the circuitboard. As both inverters have two angles of roof the energy is spread over a wider time throughout the day ( 2 x strings each, Inverter 1 = 1 x string East, 1 x string North, Inverter 2 = 1 x string North and 1 x string West)

I have been informed that his will give us close to 5kw export for most of the day. The aim to is consume as much energy as we can in the middle of the day when the sun is peaking production, both inverters work independently but are feeding the same circuitboard.

Does this make sense?


Yes it all makes sense. With export limiting you can have over 10kW PV on a single phase. This is allowed in certain area’s so the installer must have got pre-approval from the network operator.

Sounds good, if you go ahead with the system it would be great to see some installation photos.