Longi and Solax Hybrid quote

Hello there,

I have been quoted a 13.23 kW system with storage it includes
42 x Longi 315w split
1 x Solax X Hybrid 5 kW inverter, and 1 x Solax X standard 5 kW inverter
6.3 Kw Triple Power Battery with 2 x eps

$16,700.00 after STC’s

I think it sounds pretty good and was just looking for anyone else to comment on this.

Hi @Hugh_Webb

Yeah it seems not bad on the face if it, run of the mill products.

I’d get another couple of quotes though so you can compare.


Sounds a lot to me how long before you start to get your money back.

I’m no expert, but I understand that Longi “Momno” panels are superior to the “split design”.
I have read that the Solax inverters are not considered as reliable as SMA, Fronius or ABB. However, Solax is cheaper; so you take your chances.

Thanks, for that. Hugh

Thanks for the reply.
On revisiting my quote it is the mono perc LR6-60PE 300-320 panels.

Also I know the inverters are cheaper, however this allows me to fit 10 kW of inverters to my 13.23 kW panel array.
Cheers again