LG / SolarEdge vs Longi / Huawei


I have 2 quotes that are vastly different for an installation in Sydney.

  1. 34 x LG Neon2 + 2 x SolarEdge 5KW inverters = ~ $19K
  2. 30 x Longi 370W Monocrystalline Half-Cut Solar Panels + 1 x 10KW Huawei Inverter (11.1Kw system) = ~$7K

I’ve heard that LG is good, but believe they are rebranded Longi panels.

There is a massive price difference. Is there really such a big performance difference?



Woh, that is a big difference. Can you clarify if option 1 is after the STC rebates? If so, I would quickly walk away.

What do you mean by this?


My understanding is that offer 1 is after STC rebate. They are saying that is what I will have to pay.

Re your second question, someone told me that there is no real difference between the Longi panels and the LG panels. That LG buy their panels from Longi

That seems pretty expensive. I’d be thinking in the 11k-14k price range, but I could be off.

Well that is all far from true. I think @Markus_Lambert the LG GM in Australia might have something to say about that.


I have now received another quote for the following:

24 x Trina 370W SPLITMAX
Output - 8.88 kw
Price - $7,400 after STC

I see Trina has been fairly highly rated - not in the LG class - but how does it compare to the Longi quote above.

Would appreciate any thoughts on this quote.

Hi. Just checking if anyone has some feedback for me on this.

Hi @stich

I’m assuming you have 3 phase power then?

The gear looks good, Fronius and Trina :+1: Whether the sizing is right depends on your usage. If you’ve got space, why not get 10kW+ of panels?