Solar quote Melbourne, Vic - SolaX inverter and Triple Power battery

Is this a good deal? Not heard a lot about Solax

  • 24 xRisen Titan 390w
  • SolaX 11.6 kWh Total Battery Storage (2 x T-BAT H 5.8 (T58))
  • SolaX 7.5 kW Total Inverter X1-HYBRID-7.5-D
    $16,000 after rebates

It’s ok, but I would recommend you get some more quotes. SolaX is at the lower end of the market.

Why are you looking to get a battery, for backup power or to be more self-sufficient?

Thanks Svarky.
We did get some other quotes.
The thing that attracted us to this one.was it comes with a VPP and garuntee of no bills for 5yrs.

We do want to be able to have the ability for the batterry to be recharged from the sun in the event of out.

Interesting, can you provide details of the company that is offering this deal? I wonder how much battery capacity they leave in reserve for your personal use or do they completely control the battery charge and discharge?
If they promise no bills for 5 years, then that’s probably a pretty good deal depending on how large your bill is?

It’s reposit.
I forget how much they leave in reserve.
Do you know if SolaX inverters and batteries are reliable?

  • Battery is 2xT-BAT H 5.8 (T58) Triple Power (now a LiFe battery)
    -Inverter is the 7.500 kW X1-HYBRID-7.5-D
    (10 Yr guarantee on both)

-10 Yr guarantee on workmanship

  • Reposit takes your Electricity Bill for you!
    Can use 120% of the power you are used too! Based on your last year’s
    your entire Solar & Battery System.
    All cleaning/maintenance supplied free for 5yrs
    Then the risen panels as said before

Oh, Reposit is a good company from what I have heard, so that’s a positive. I wonder what the payback period is like on the $16k upfront? (Depends on your average bill amount) SolaX inverters and batteries are ok, not something I would generally use, but the Triple power batteries have been around for a few years, and I haven’t heard of any real issues.

Risen panels are not bad but are a little cheap. It’s hard to say if you are getting a good deal without knowing more about the installation. Is it a complex roof or two-storey?

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Hi Jason
The roof is gable, 2 storey. They will remove the old solar.
They say payback is just over 8 yrs. Our average bill is approximately $1200 per year
Have to pay xtra $1k for black out fitted

Ok, it sounds like a fairly complex job so the quote does seem pretty reasonable. I’d be keen to see photos of the installation if you do go through with it. Good luck