Arise Solar quote review | SolaX, Renesola, ZNShine

Hi I just got a quote for 5 kw 18 x 275 watt poly solar panels and Solax 5.0 dual MPPT (X 1-5.0 TN) KW Inverter trough Arise solar my worry is the cheap price 3670 install and all another company here same system different brands quote me 6.600
any comment much appreciated.:grinning:

Hi El-Gaucho

Where abouts are you based? The area you are in makes a difference to rebates you receive (and also currency you are talking about).

What is the brand of the panels quoted?


Hi Marty,
Thank to replay to me I’m in Adelaide and the panels are I have 2 choices One are ZNShine 275W and the second choice is Renesola 275W I’m putting 18 panels about 4950 Kw system

It does seem quite cheap. Solax and Renesola are well known brands, but on the value side of the spectrum. Arise seems to have a number of positive reviews, although some recent negative ones.

My concern with cheap quotes is less about the main products (panels, batteries, inverters), and more about the installation. When you put pressure on installers to do jobs at a low price, you may risk lower quality installs using lower quality framing and electrical equipment. I’m not saying this is the case here, but something to consider.

Worth considering a more expensive quote, especially if you are dealing directly with installer who is doing the work in my opinion.

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Hey there Gaucho,

How did you go with your solar installation? What equipment and installation company did you choose?

Hi Martin,

I have go with the company I mention " Arise Solar" 5.6 kw system - Solax inverter - 18 panels $3600, here in Adelaide minimum you will pay average $6,000 7.000 they tell me Top panels-Top Inverters Top Installers I think is a lot of Boloni a pensioner no many people can paid this high prices been in marketing all my life We Are TOO High in price and anything we do here in our country starting with homes,cars,even an smoke.Take Care and appreciated very much your Help:)


Hi Juan,

Thanks for sharing. That’s a good price system, I’m sure you’ll pay back the cost and start saving on your bills very quickly :slight_smile: