SolaX inverter review | X1, X-hybrid & Gen 2

Has any one got any info on the Solax gen 2 Inverter

Solax Power really came onto the solar scene when they launched the economical battery X-hybrid inverter, which is one of the more affordable ‘battery ready’ inverters available.

SolaX now has a third generation hybrid inverter on the market in both single and three phase models. It is designed to work with lithium-ion battery storage solutions.

The X1 is a decent, simple and low cost grid connect inverter. SolaX also offers Australian support for it’s products via an office in Melbourne.

The system monitoring offered with SolaX inverters is worth mentioning too. It has quite a slick interface which can be accessed via a phone app or web interface. It also includes battery management features for the hybrid inverters.

See more about SolaX and how it compares to other inverter in our best solar inverter article.

Yeah you can see how it compares here… I much prefer the new Sungrow SK5H-20 hybrid inverter though…