Solar Brisbane | REC TwinPeak 2 Mono and Fronius Primo

Hi, Thanks in advance for your help!

Quote 1:
15+5 * 330W Seraphim Premium Panels (05 panels free)
:heavy_check_mark: Half Cut Mono panels (Tier 1)
:heavy_check_mark: 15 Years Product Warranty + 25 Years Performance Warranty
1 * 5 kW Growatt - 1 Phase Inverter
:heavy_check_mark: Inbuilt Wifi for Monitoring
:heavy_check_mark: 5+5 Years Extended Warranty (Inclusive)
10 Year of Free Workmanship = $3991 Fully Installed

  • $1000 Discount
    Offer Price = $2991 Fully Installed

    Quote 2 : Hembrows
    22 x 300w Canadian panals
    5kw SolaX single phase inverter $3950 or $4850 with frontius inverter

Quote 3: Local Power
20 x REC TwinPeak 2 Mono Series and Fronius Primo $7281
325 Watt panels
25 Year Product Warranty
25 Year Performance Warranty

Hi Julia

The REC and Fronius system clearly stands out. Local Power are considerably dearer it seems, but they do look like they know what they are doing from some quick Googling. $2991 is very cheap from Solar Secure, don’t know how they can be so cheap, but the products on offer vs Local Power are a considerable difference.

Hope that helps somewhat.


Check out our Solar Power Brisbane page.

Hi Julia,

Nothing premium about “Quote 1” (Sorry unlike marty I can’t be diplomatic)

The only deal there worth mentioning is the Quote 3, Local Power, its priced responsibly and using good quality gear.

Good luck with your instal, I hope this wasn’t too late.



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Thanks Jorge. All advice is gratefully received.

Thanks for your help Marty. Great to get some feedback. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your help Marty and Jorge - no one commented on the second quote from Hembrows
22 x 300w Canadian panals
5kw SolaX single phase inverter $3950 or $4850 with frontius inverter
Is their any opinion on this?
Thank you,

Hi Julia

SolaX is a decent mid range option. You can see more details in the SolaX review post:

Along the same lines, Canadian Solar is a very decent option for panels, and we place Canadian Solar in our top 10 panels list. Here’s some more details on it:

At the end of the day you just need to way up the risk reward that you are happy with. Fronius and REC are really top of the line premium products, and SolaX and Canadian are a lower cost, but well regarded option. Here’s more on my thoughts around risk reward:

Thanks so much Marty