Longhi/Huawai v QCells/Solaredge

Hi CER people, I’ve been looking at some more quotes and have narrowed down to these 2 options from different companies. I’m in NSW, there’s no shade on my roof; 9 panels will face north, 20 west.

Both are 10.15kW systems:

  1. LONGi HI-MO mono PERC 29 x 350w 12 yr warranty panels
  • 2x Huawai 5kW hybrid inverters
    $14,600 after rebates
  1. Q Cells Q Peak Duo G6+ monocrystalline 29 x 350w 25 yr warranty panels
  • Solar Edge 8kW inverter
    $12,000 after rebates

I’m leaning towards the 2nd option, given the price and I believe the quality is quite good. Thoughts? Advantages/disadvantages of 2 smaller inverters over a single bigger one? Is an 8kW inverter enough on a 10kW system?

Thanks for all the info

Hi Cath

I quite like the second option also. It’s very common to “oversize” the inverter like this. See here:

SolarEdge is a great inverter, Q Cells Q Peak Duo G6+ is a really good panel, and that’s a pretty good price. Seems like a winner. Who is the solar company, do they get good reviews?