3 phase solar inverter or single phase

After some advice regarding solar for our house. We have 3 phase power and will soon be running a pool and electric heat pump on top of an average usage of 26kwh/day.
One option suggested is to go with 3 separate single phase 5kw inverters, one on each phase, with a total of 17kw worth of panels.
The other option is to go a 10kw system with 8.2kw 3 phase inverter.
What do you think?
Pros of the single systems is that if ever one goes down, the other two phases will still be running.

Hi Kirsty

I guess that’s one way of looking at it, another way is that you have 3 points of failure instead of one. I think you would be better off with a 3 phase inverter if you are going to put even amounts on each phase.

A third option would be to put different amounts of solar on each phase, depending on how much power you are using during the day on each phase. You would probably want to put more solar on the phases with the pool and heat pump for eg. I would check with a licensed solar installer about the best options.

8 - 10kW of solar should be plenty for your usage.