Solar quote Perth WA | ZNShine vs LONGi panels

Hi Guys,
Thanks in advance for your help.

Quote 1, a smallish company recommended by a friend as his mate is one of the sparkies there, they fitted my friends solar and he’s happy with it.
ARK Services WA
20x330w ZNShine Mono Panels
5kw Goodwe GW5000D-NS inverter
Minus STC’s ($3400)
TOTAL $3200
Options: Fronius inverter add $700
Upgrade to Risen 330w panels add $200
Upgrade to Longi 350w panels 19x350w = 6.65kw add $300

Quote 2
Perth Solar Force…one of the big sloar companies here.
20x330w Suntech Panels,
5kw Goodwe GW5000D-NS inverter
TOTAL $4059

Just really after your opinion, I’m tempted with quote 1, and upgrading panels. Can’t find much info, so as an industry insider, in your opinion, is it worth paying a few hundred bucks more for Risen, or Longi panels?

Thank you!

Personally that’s the kind of thing I like, a good recommendation from a local electrician.

Me too, I’d upgrade the inverter as well. I think it’s worth upgrading to LONGi.

Checkout our Solar Power Perth page

Thanks so much for the reply!

If you had the option to ugrade the panles OR the inverter, which would you choose? I’m thinking that the Goodwe inverter gets a good enough rep, so prob stick with that and upgrade panels…is that a wise choice?

I’ve got budget to upgrade one component, but not both!


That’s a tough one Simon, I’m struggling with it. Would I be happier with Fronius & ZNShine or LONGi & Growatt :thinking:

Growatt is a much improved inverter with better local support over the last few years. I think Growatt and LONGi is a decent combo. We’ve got a bit of a Growatt review in our best solar inverter article.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for all your help mate.