Risen vs Longi solar panels

I have decided to go for a 5kw system with Fronius Inverter and around 6.6kw panels. I can not decide which panels to go with. Cost wise they are all fairly identical.
Option 1… 21 Risen 315w half cut perc cells 6615w total
Option 2… 21 Longi 310w mono perc cells 6510w total
Option 3… 22 Longi 300w mono perc cells 6600w total
I am wondering which of these is the best quality panel and will offer me the best performance and reliability.
I’m in Victoria and most of the panels will face north, the other will face west. No shading issues

Hi Digger, both Risen and Longi are very similar in terms of quality and performance so it really comes downs to the installer you choose. The local installers are almost always the best option as they generally will be contactable and more reliable than traveling or interstate installers/contractors from other companies.

Also you will want to look at the installer (not salesman) that has invested the most time and bothered to visit your home and check your roof, switchboard and ideal location to mount the inverter with you.

See more about LONGi and Risen here:

Might seem minor, but you have to look at this system every day. I’d also consider how the odd vs even number looks on your roof.

Thanks for the replies guys. I will hardly ever see the panels due to their orientation. So that doesnt pose an issue to me. I am thinking I will be going with a local company who has been very helpful, and professional and the installer who is part owner of the company gets amazing reviews.
Will just have to see now if Labor stays in, to get the rebate.

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Hi @Digger5

Did you end up getting your system installed? We would be interested to know how it went.

Would you be able to share some photos? Also, what was the name of the installation company you ended up using, and would you recommend them?