Longi Solar Panel review | Hi-MO3 and Hi-MO4 mono PERC

Longi 315W Mono Perc Half cut 21 off
ABB UNO DM 5.0 TL PLUS 5.0kW inverter
Titan Solar Tin Racking & Rail
Installed by Apex solar Brisbane
Price $13,244 STC Rebate $3,744
Subtotal $9,500
Thinking is to much

See this excerpt from our Best Solar Panels review article regarding Longi:

LONGi solar has grown rapidly over the last few years to become not only one of the largest Chinese solar panel manufacturers, but the largest monocrystalline cell manufacturer in the world. LONGi produce a wide range of cost effective and reliable panels which only use monocrystalline cells . In fact, part of the industry shift towards more efficient mono and mono PERC cells was due to the massive investment by LONGi in large scale mono wafer manufacturing.

The Hi-MO3 and Hi-MO4 mono PERC range of panels from LONGi Solar use the common 120 split-cell format and are becoming one of the more popular high-efficiency, low cost panels on the market.

  • Power rating* (W): 310W - 350W
  • Efficiency (%): 18 - 19.6%
  • Price range: Low - Med $$

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LONGi doesn’t have an office in Australia, which is a big problem.
ABB is a bit average too, Fronius, SMA or better still Enphase Micro’s
we sell Fronius with a smart meter and Lg NeOn2’ for a bit over $8,000
after stc’s but we’re in Sunny WA.

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Hi Rene, let me show you the Maths of Solar Quotes, so you can tell what is a good quotes

  1. Price of Panels , you will need 4 info. Make, Model , Panel size in Watts & cost of panel in per watts Ex Warehouse the /w in your case is LONGI LNG-LR6-60HPH-315M is 0.55 each panels cost 315watts x 0.55 $173.25 Ex warehouse
    BUT for MY RRP 173.25 / 0.8 to cover GST and handling to you ie $216.56 per panel
    TOTAL cost of Panels $216.56 x 21 panels = $4547

1A working out the rebates from your given Info 315W x 21 panels =.6.615 Kw sys
Gympie could be solar Zone 2 (1.536 ), STC assigement for 12 years for 2019 ,
so STC generated is 6.615 x 1.536 x 12 = about 122 certificates generated
presently the STC value estimated at $34 at worst case i.e. 122 x 34 = 4148
Its NORMAL to give less than $34 per STC ( to cover risk in case STC fall in price and cost of STC generations ), So everyone set their own discount - This is not regulated
In your case you are quoted $3744 from 122 STC ie $3744 / 122 about $30 per STC PANEL NET COST ($4547 - $3744 ) is $803

2 Price of Inverters Ex warehouse estimated $1300 RRP is $1300 / 0.8 = 1625

3 Cost of railing $10 per panels so $20 x 21 = $410

4 Bit & Pieces ie BOS about $500 ( isolators x 4 , DC cables, AC org Circular, labels etc )

5 Company Charges incl all overhead , Installers , Admins , logistics ,

if you PAY $9500 to cover Panels, Inveter , railing ,Bos the rest is RETAILING COST

$9500 minus ( 803 + 1625 + 410 + 500 )
$9500- $3338
Company PROFITS & COST is $6162

Some company have high overhead, Directors fees , Secetary, Support Team , Logistics, Accountant Cost, Most have Google Cost or Advertisement and so on
On the other hand CEC installers do buisness from their SOVO ( Small Office Van Office )
If you engage a local CEC Installer they will Charged at most $140 per panel
for 21 panels i.e. $2940 as a RETAILING COST so a saving of $6162 - $2940 = $3222
The RRP is therefore $3338 + $3222 = $6560
I hope this article will enlighten you on HOW TO PRICE SOLAR SYSTEM
Thank you

Regards Mel of Solar Hybrid Solutions

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Hi Mel what do you think about Jingo solar panels are they a good solar panel

Hi Rene,
That appear to be lining someone’s deep pockets, but everyone need to make a profit !
However, the Half cut panels (if using 12BB & PERC) are the latest & greatest, largely designed for use where there will be Shading issues over the panels, BUT they should not cost more than $0.08 extra per watt $550~$650 more than standard panels.

Check this out: 17x 380W, 5kW inverter - no installation, cost $6’600