Longi vs Suntech

I have got quote for Longi 13kW mono 315 half cut with Fronious 10 kW inverter.
Ranging from 7250 to 8900.

First being an CEC registered installer price in the same suburb. He is a L2 Electrician. Last quote being from a medium company in the same district.

Another CEC member company offering SUNTECH 300 mono with Fronious 10 kW 3phase for 7299.

Are Longi mono 315 half cuts return rates or degradation rates high?

Any thoughts?

Look the Spec of the panels
especially the Power Temperature characteristic like -0.35 to -0.38%/C
Half cell technology is good
if you can I will consider even REC , See much they can Match price
inverter of course Fronius
possible ask them to suppply you with a new rail call Nova of Hopergy
Cheap and good , the unique is the rail sit on top not at the side give more ventilation to the panels and thus better performance

wish you Best of Luck

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Sounds interesting @SolarHybridSolutions. Can you share a picture of that?

Thanks for your notes.

Are Longi mono 315 half cuts return rates or degradation rates high?

Hi @anandans, and welcome.

Both these quotes look pretty good.

I think it would be difficult to find return rates (if you mean faulty rates?), as they are a pretty new panel to the market. Iā€™m not sure how easy panel fault rates are to find in general.

Their degradation rate of 2% in first year and 0.55% per year thereafter, is pretty standard. Although LG claims 0.35% per year thereafter.