Canadian Solar & Sungrow | Solar quote Melbourne

*Cost - $ 9000 ( This is after government rebate , which means the total cost is > 12000 )
Isnt ths over priced ?

8.7kw system: This system will generate an average of 32kw per day while you currently use 26kw per 24 hours*

  • 29 x 300 watt Canadian solar Ku panels
  • 8kw Sungrow inverter
  • sungrow app showing daily system generation
  • warranties
  • After STC rebate price( we provide you your final out of pocket price)

Hi Lucky

We usually look a prices after the STC rebate. You could most likely get a cheaper quote. But the important thing is spending the right amount of money to get a good quality system installed from a good company. We always recommend getting at least a couple of quotes so you can compare though. That way, if you do really like this particular company, you have something to negotiate with them on.

Sungrow are a really good ‘value’ inverter brand. Basically, the best of the cheapest in my opinion. Canadian Solar is a decent quality mid range panel, you can see a bit more on the BiKu panels here:

and our Sungrow review: