Solar quote feeback - Sydney

Hi! I would appreciate views/feedback on the following quotes

Basically, I can splash out on either a brand name inverter or a brand name panels - but not both

I am looking for a safe, reputable, reliable 6.6KW system, preferrably European/US

Quote 1 - $8.4k
Hyundai Green Energy VG Series HiE-S410VG
SolarEdge Optimisers

Quote 2 - $9k
QCells Q.Peak 415W 'Duo ML-G10
SolarEdge Optimisers

Quote 3 - $9.6k
Tiger N-Type 66TR 415W
EnPhase IQ7A Microinverter

Quote 4 - $10.5k
QCells Q.Peak 415W 'Duo ML-G10 OR Hyundai Green Energy VG Series HiE-S410VG
EnPhase IQ7A Microinverter

Thank you!!!

All the options are pretty good combinations, but I prefer Enphase over SolarEdge, so I’d first go for Quote 4 with Qcells or Quote 3 with the Jinko Tigers.

As long as the company is local and reputable, you shouldn’t have any issues.

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I agree with the Enphase quote…much preferred over Solar Edge