Solar quote *Sydney Sutherland Shire*

Hi There,

I’m getting some quotes for a 38-40 panel system enphase micro iQ7A’s

Out of these 3 quotes, I’d like to know which panels to consider please:

  1. Jinko tiger 415w (arise solar $17500 x40 panels)
  2. Jinko tiger 440 (arise solar $17500 x40 panels)
  3. Sunpower performance 3 AC (ag solar $18800 x 38 panels)

one installer recommends the 415 over 440 at the same price.
one installer recommends the sunpowers but I fear they are not oversized enough for the inverter.

bonus points if you’re considering 144 cell panels for higher voltage to get around the 10amp limit.
thanks in advance

Are the Jinko Tiger 415W the N-type panels? (415w tiger n-type 66tr). If so, then I would probably go with the 415W as N-type is superior to P-type. What specific model Jinko panels are they?

Also, the Sunpower performance 3 are a great panel. The actual oversizing (real-world performance) depends on several factors, including the orientation and tilt of the array.

thanks @Svarky
I ended up committing to a 24.07kw system and paid my deposit with a company called myenergy group

I can’t see 415 w tiger n type 66tr’s on the jinko website. Are they not sold anymore perhapse?

It may not be too late to change panels if you think it’s worth it, but I got Jinko 58 panels of Jinko JKM415N-54HL4-V

I got 2 solar edge inverters:
10kw genesis SE10000H-AUL00BNU4
8.25kw Energy Hub SE8250H-AUS3MBX14

every panel has s440 power optimisers on it and i’m paying $24 000

roof design is on the complex side (4 x extra split aray, 3x roofs with only 2-4 panels on them) and is double story on tile roof.

your thoughts / comments about the price and panels would be appreciated.

Hi @Robert_Ye, that sounds like a good system at a very good price considering the components, roof complexity and height.

You are correct that the 66TR’s are no longer available. The JKM415N-54HL4-V are the better N-type panels. In fact, I just installed a string of these exact panels last week in a small upgrade to my own off-grid system. Very nice, I like the design with 16 micro busbars, performance is great.

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