Q Cells G5 vs Trina Honey vs Jinko | Melbourne

Hey guys, I’ve just received the following quotes for a 8.2kw system with 10.5kw’s worth of panels from a few installers in Melbourne, I’m set on the Fronius 8.2kw inverter , but i cannot decide on which panels to get, is it worth the extra $$ for the quality and warranty with the Q.cells and Trina panels

Jinko quote

32 x 330w Jinko panels
Fronius 8.2kw inverter with smart meter
$9k installed

Qcells quote

32 x Q cell q.peak duo G5+330
Fronius 8.2kw inverter with smart meter
$11.5k installed

Trina quote

33 x Trina honey 330w panels
Fronius 8.2kw inverter with smart meter
$12K installed

all quoted excludes ~$1500 govt rebate

Hi @Shiney2512

Trina and Jinko panels are similar quality and price. The difference could be the company and the quality of the installation. It often comes down to who is installing the system and the ongoing support and service over the next 10+ years. Many of the large national companies use contractors which are not paid well and will not be around in the future to offer support if any issues occur.

Besides the installer I would go with the Q cells G5+ panels. Here’s some more info which might help clarify things… https://www.cleanenergyreviews.info/blog/best-quality-solar-panels-manufacturers


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