Solar quote *Schofields - NSW*

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to install a new solar system and have received a quote from “Penerith Solar Center”. PFB the details and please guide me if it is worth going for it:

System size1

7.02 kWDC (STC)

Estimated annual production2

9,864 kWh

Solar panel

18 × 390W Hanwha Q CELLS Q.BOOST · Q.BOOST 390

1840 mm × 1030 mm · Monocrystalline · Datasheet


18 × Enphase IQ7A-72-2-INT · 349 W (micro-inverter)

Price - AUD 9137.00

The reputation is quite good but they only deal with micro inverter. My home is a single storey and the two adjacent buildings are double storey.

Hi @Aria_A

That seems to be a reasonable price for Enphase, and agree they get good reviews. I guess you need to weigh up whether you need/want micro inverters. Sounds like you are likely to cop a fair bit of shade, so it might be worthwhile. You could always get a second quote to compare.