Solar Power Riverwood/Peakhurst NSW 2210 | LG NEON and Enphase

Just received a quote from Sunboost for 40 panels Astronergy 330 W Perc Mono 120 half cut cells along with Solis 2 x 5 kW inverter install on flat colourbond roof/ double storey for $6799.
NSW Postcode 2210
There is limited space on our roof. Around 70sqm.
Only a newbie on Solar Power. Your opinion on quote and alternative suitable panels and inverters for a similar price point will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

UPDATE 30 May 2020

We had our solar system installed on April 1.
We ended up using LG NEON 355w panels and Enphase Microinverters because of shadowing problems.
We have a 10 kw system.
We used Solartek and we were happy with them.
We are very happy with our solar system.

We are with AGL and are paying 29 cents per kWh.
Our feed in tariff is 21 cents per kWh.
Reasonably happy with AGL.

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Hi @Leonorinas

It’s a pretty low price for a 10kW system. I would personally consider more well regarded panels and inverters though, but they will cost more, for good reason.

The best place to start off for a newbie is our solar guide, if you haven’t read through it already:


Thanks Marty! Will definitely get more quotes.

Hi @Leonorinas,

Unfortunately the quote you have is from a dedicated marketing company more so than a solar company, the price you have been given is for products that are not necessarily considered to be of good quality in the long term.

Sadly the chinese have been very good over the last 30 years in educating us all on what I call the disposable mentality, and it is the more obvious when we deal in solar, solar equipment in and of itself has long warranties and a long life expectancy, however when most equipment doesn’t even reach consistent levels of performance in the first 12 months, there is very little chance of achieving a goo ROI in the long term.

If price point is an issue, don’t forget there are still many reputable solar specialists who will offer various finance packages for good quality products backed by long running companies, however to purchase a 10+ kW system will still cost you a bit, I suggest to try a smaller size that will give you the ability to expand once the first has paid itself of.

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a sales and marketing quote I heard years ago about chinese products that are sold too cheap. “Don’t worry if it breaks, when it breaks you buy cheap again”. Moral: Buy Cheap, Pay three times.

Good luck

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Thanks so much for your detailed reply @Magnustg! Yes, now that I’ve researched more, there are definitely some red flag signs there. Currently, seeking more quotes from more reputable Solar installation companies and considering a quote for Fronius Primo inverter 8.2 kW and 10.85 Kw Longi Solar Panels for $8400.
I really appreciate your very sound advice. Thanks again!

Hi again,
I’m learning a lot from this website! So glad I found it during this Solar journey!
Please help me choose between these quotes.

Our quarterly electricity bill is around $1200. Installation would be on a flatish colourbond roof with shading issues in Sydney.

3 quotes from Soltek
10.2 KW system Solaredge panels with optimisers and Solaredge inverter for $10,800

10.56 KW system with Q CELLS with Enphase Microinverters for $12,770 or Q cells with Solaredge inverter for $11,750

10.35 KW system with LG Neon 2 panels with Enphase Microinverters for $15,000 or LG with Solaredge optimisers+inverter for $13,900.

1 quote from JJA Solar and Electrical
Finally, a 13.3 KW LONGi Panels with Solaredge optimisers and inverter for $11,500.

Great reviews from these 2 installers so just deciding on the most efficient and most durable solar investment.

I really appreciate all the inputs!


Just wondering what company did you go with?