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Solar Panels
Jinko Solar Co. Ltd
7.26 kW Total Solar Power
22 x 330 Watt Panels (Jinko Cheetah 330M-60H)

Fronius Australia Pty Ltd
6.0 kW of Total Inverter Power
1 x Primo 6.0-1

Total Cost after rebate: $9,942


Solar Installers Wagga Wagga NSW

Some installers that get good reviews in Wagga from the web:

  1. SolarWise | Wagga Wagga NSW
  2. LED Riverina Electrical | Wagga Wagga NSW
  3. Hamblin Solar | Wagga Wagga NSW

Has anyone had any installs from the above businesses, as well as these others that have quoted for solar in Wagga: Ric Electrics, One Power, Global Home Solutions, Essential Energy Solutions?

6.39 kW of Solar Power

18 x LG355N1C-V5

LG NeON® 2 355 Watt panels

IQ7+ Microinverter

18 x 0.29 kW of Inverter Power

Enphase 18 x IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT

$12,040 installed.

What does everyone think?

LG NeON® 2 Solar Panels

7.455 kW of Solar Power

19 x LG355N1C-V5

LG NeON® 2 355 Watt panels

Fronius Primo

Fronius Australia Pty Ltd

6.0 kW of Total Inverter Power

1 x Primo 6.0-1

Total Cost after rebate: 10,852


Has anyone had dealings with Ric Electrics in Wagga, NSW?

Has anyone had dealings with Solarwise Wagga Pty Ltd?


Hi Jarama

I’ll combine your posts here for ease of comparison.

Do you have any shading issues? Obviously the Enphase are dearer, some installers on this forum think Enphase always work out to be a better financial option in the long run due to better performance, but at 30% higher cost it puts some doubts in my mind.

Really good thread here:

Do you use a lot of power? 7.5kW of panels will produce about 30kWh a day on average in Wagga. That’s a lot of energy. Do you need that much solar?


Hi Marty,

Thanks for that.

Yes, I wasn’t keen on the price of the Enphase micro-inverters and habe now asked them for a price using a Fronius string inverter.

We use a lot of power. 14,500kw in the last year over 4 quarterly bills. Too much!

There is no shade.



Hi Jarama

I have reviewed the proposals and can tell you the following:

  1. The LG panels are a better quality panel than the Jinko. They will perform better in low light conditions and you will produce more power on and annual basis than with the Jinko.

  2. The Enphase will produce more power than either of the string inverter systems. This is a fact and, one that has been demonstrated in at least three different studies done comparing Enphase to string inverters. We have done side by side roof top comparisons of the Enphase to string inverter production, and our results have equaled or bettered the results of the other studies.

  3. the ability to add panels and micros to the Enphase system is very simple. We actually recommend, to our clients, a system that is at least 20% smaller than string inverter systems because, at that size, it will still produce the same level of power on average than the string inverter systems. So, if I was recommending a system for you based on the numbers you have provided I would suggest a 16 - 17 panel system using the Enphase IQ micro-inverters. This will - on average - produce the same level of power as the larger string inverter systems. This will substantially reduce the cost of the Enphase system, and even a 10% savings puts the system at about the same as the Fronius Australia system.

  4. The Enphase system is expandable - the others are at maximum for the inverters.

  5. If there is a problem with a panel or a micro-inverter in the future, it is easy to deal with and you do not lose the production of an entire system while the problem is dealt with.

There are many other reasons to go with Enphase over any other string or even other micro-inverters (if you would like more information on this, check out our web site - ecsolarmx.com ) Having installed many string inverter and worked on others including; Sunny Boy, Fronius, Kaco and Solis, we made the decision a number of years ago to exclusively install Enphase. We did so because, we felt that Enphase was the best product and, the best value for our clients - in the long run. As it turned out, when compared to high quality string inverter systems, from reputable solar companies, they are as economical or, in some cases, less expensive than the comparable string inverter system - based on average annual production.

In fact, we are so sure of the Enphase system’s greater production numbers that, we actually offer a five year annual production guarantee. If the system does not meet or exceed our annual production numbers (for the first 5 years) we will either refund a portion of the purchase price or, install additional panels and micro-inverters free of charge.

Bottom line for us is, that many people look at the upfront cost and believe that a solar system is a solar system. You need to dig deeper and when you do, we believe that the Enphase system will, in fact, be the better investment both up front and long term.

Hope this helps.
Tony at Emerald Coast Solar (Mexico)


Hi Chris,

We had our system installed on mid March.

6.65kW Solar system

19 × 350W LG NeON 2 - LG350N1C-V5 Panels

1 × (Sunnyboy) SMA SB5.0-1AV-41 · 5000 W

Cost after STC assignment $10,250

In the first 45 days we’ve averaged 25kWh/day production. We’re in mid west N.S.W, so our production figures should be similar.

Hope the info helps.

Cheers, Steve

One Power, Global Home Solutions, Essential Energy Solutions

Has anyone dealt with these companies above - especially One Power?


Has anyone had dealings with Ric Electrics in Wagga, NSW?

Has anyone had dealings with Solarwise Wagga Pty Ltd?


Hey @jarama

How did you end up going with your solar system? Who did you get to do the install? Did you go with Enphase in the end?


Hi, anyone heard of a company called “One Power”? I have received a quote for a 6.6kv system, 22 panels using Q-Cell G5 260-280. The inverter is a Sunpower SG5K-D. The quote was $9,222 cash including installation. My fuse box needs an upgrade (pretty old) and they want to charge $900 for that.

That quote for the fuse box sounds about right. We had ours replaced about 2 years ago and it cost $800.

Hi @jarama, I think that might be a Sungrow inverter, not SunPower. Easily confused, but quite different companies.

Seems in the expensive side, I would get more quotes. Switchboard upgrade cost is about right, but is it included in the quote, or additional?


I think on the first move you should specified N TYPE PANELS ONLY
LG is N Type If use want to use JINKO then use N TYPE JINKO TIGER 370w also come in Bifacial
Cheeta is P type the the watt /panel are lower. its seem that you have a long journey to reduce your bill.
You can also use the N Type of Yingli Panda 410 watts panels , bifacial too
you will use less hardware and labour cost which is panels quantity dependent

Very soon you will see many of N Type from different companies
Mono PERC is on the way OUT as P type poly is vanishing
TOP CON the technology of 2021 is already available @ 0.50cts per watt same as Jinko tiger
LG is 0.86cts per watt, Also REC-ALPHA N Type plus HJT give 20 % more power like sunpower

and will be good if you can have an itemised quote