Victoria 10kw solar install quotes Tindo/LG Neo 2/ SunPower

Just trying to decide on a few quotes so far. I am planning not selling so quality and minimal issues is a big focus along with high WAF.

Melbourne based. Some small amounts of intermittent shading. Also want to know output of each panel so will probably need to change the Fronius inverter on the last quote.

30 x Tindo Karra-340 DC Solaredge Optimised Solar Panel
2 x SolarEdge HD Wave SE5000H Grid Connect Inverter
Purchase Price (inc-GST). $18,250.00

28 x LG Neon2 360W
SolarEdge SE10000H
SE Energy Monitor
Purchase Price (inc-GST). $17,231.73


Fronius Primo 8.2 Inverter
Fronius Smart Meter
25 x SunPower 400W Panel – Maxeon 3
Purchase Price (inc-GST). $16,500

Great forum means the more I ready the more questions come to mind.

Should I be considering an Enphase inverter over the solaredge? What would be the benefits and cost difference approximately?

Hi @Victripper

Looks like you’ve got quotes for real top quality gear, which is nice to see.

Pardon my ignorance, but what does WAF mean?

This debate is happening here, which you may have seen already:

My 2 cents is if I were wanting to have every panel optimised and monitored, I would choose Enphase - nothing against SolarEdge, but more that I feel Enphase has a fantastic reputation built on years of quality performance. One nice thing about SolarEdge though is that you don’t need to have every panel optimised. If you have potential shading issues with have your panels, you can choose to just have those panels optimised, but still get monitoring on all panels. So there is potential cost benefits if that was a direction you were considering, and even if you went full optimisation I think you’d find SolarEdge cheaper. I haven’t compared it recently though, it would be interesting to see the actual cost difference - I might go and do that when I have time and report back.

Good to see a Tindo quote here as well. Really bringing out the big guns with SunPower vs LG vs Tindo. You can see more here:


Hey Marty thanks for the reply.

WAF is wife approval factor

Hey Marty,

Just trying to work through the maximum output

IQ 7X Microinverter Peak output power 320 VA

Hi Markus Lambert here - LG Solar GM, Naturally I would suggest to go with LG panels. 3 reasons: We have over 1 Billion annual local business - so we go nowhere in case you have a warranty. Dedicated dealer network, and should one of them leave eg return, another LG partner will be there to support you, so little warranties, still have stock of every panel sold since 2010 in our local warehouse. dedicated 1300 number to call LG solar direct during business hours, no rerouting or foreign call centre for the solar division. We run many local comparison systems and produce between 3 and 10% more output than many competitor panels. I would also ask for a price on the LG string inverter combo to get the sharpest price and compare apple with apple… but the main argument in this email - LG is not going anywhere… and 25 years is a long time. 400 manufacturers of panels come and gone, 740 install companies come and gone. LG here. Ask Deanna or Isabella on our directl ine to patch you through and ask for me on 1300 152179 and I can answer more questions. Cheers Markus Lambert, GM LG Solar.

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Thanks Markus

There are some very good points there. It’s good to be reminded as to why you would pay a premium for quality and service. Having that service built into the product counts for a lot.