Tindo - Australian Made Solar Panels

Tindo Solar make the very best efficiency solar panels here in Australia.
LG may be rated just slightly higher.
I have installed these panels on my roof.
Why would you not recommend a Australian made product that has a full replacement guarantee of 25 years.
They are reasonably and competitively priced.
Support Australia.
No I don’t work for Tindo. I am a very satisfied customer who was prepared to pay a little more for a much better quality system.
Why is Tindo NOT included with the comparisons?
Hope to get a response.
Once again everyone. Support a Australian engineered and made solar panel that we should all be proud off.

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It would be smarter if you tabled the Costs you are referring to, or it becomes Fake News without any reference point !

Hey Sam,

I bought Tindo too. About 3 years ago and have no regrets. It boils down to backing your principles to support local industry, even if it costs more to do so. Nobody told me it costs less money to have principles or hold to your own sense of values. It isn’t just about money. Sad to think that our own government/s don’t support local industry either. Every school in every state should have solar panels, from Tindo, to ultimately reduce their electricity costs and reliance on the grid. But they don’t, do they?

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In fact this website only references Tindo 2x. Once by me a long time ago and this other one by yourself. So in case anyone out there is actually paying attention, for as long as this is allowed by the moderators, see this link:https://www.tindosolar.com.au/

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We just have new panels on our roof and I didn’t know about Tindo. I still think it’s the company that has to make there self visible, this topic is the first time I heard there name and I never have seen an add about Tindo. I would have asked a quote if I had heard about them.

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My two bits. I totally agree we have to support local industry. Look at what is happening at the moment to know that the future has to be local no matter which Country you live in. I am now discussing with suppliers to open a small panel manufacturing operation. Will keep you informed of progress.

Regarding Tindo I spoke to them many years ago and got quotes from them, their quotes were nearly double everyone else so became hard to support. However, that was a long time ago. It will be good to focus on local manufacturers but my understanding was that they pretty much were assemblers of the panels not actual manufacturers. Any update would be appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards

Ivan Colaço


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Hi Raptor

Totally agree if we are going to change things we have to be transparent.

Thanks and Best Regards

Ivan Colaço


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Hi Sam,
That’s very enlightening. I too have been looking / buying panels over the past 3 years and have not heard of Tindo. Could it be they need to improve their marketing. Definitely would have considered them had I known.

Hi Ivan
Thank you for your reply.

They were not the cheapest but you are getting great quality and great service.

They were not over the top so please contact them as I was disappointed not to see them listed.

Choice has rated them as the second highest panel next to the LG.

Appreciate your feedback and yes we should be proud to support a Australian manufacturer.

Went and visited their factory. They are upsizing to a larger factory.

They are now exporting to China I heard.

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Hi Phil
I live in Adelaide.

Before I purchased my solar I visited the factory here in Mawson lakes SA.

They are in the process of building a bigger new factory.

Have had my solar in since July 2019 and I am in credit for $850.

11.3Kw system with battery.

I use it to charge my Tesla model 3 only during the day.

I run my car for free.

Zero maintenance

Zero running cost so far until i need new tires and possibly brakes.

I love supporting Australian made products and companies.

Choice rated them as the best solar panel next to LS. I believe they have improved even more now.

They even were exporting to China I heard.

Hope this helps.

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Appreciate your response.
I had mine installed since July 2019 with a battery.

Currently I am in credit of $850 after charging my Tesla Model 3 daily.

Yes I don’t get it and was disappointed that Tindo is not better supported by local and federal government.

Agree that schools and and government offices should be supporting Tindo Solar and installing them of buildings Nation wide.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Forum admin here. Interesting discussion. Tindo solar do make some great panels but they are very difficult to source outside of SA. The small annual production quantity and extremely high demand for solar panels in Australia make getting hold of these panels very difficult, plus the last time I contacted Tindo they would only sell to certified Tindo installers.

Hopefully the new, larger manufacturing facility will help with the supply issues. They will also need to improve their marketing and gain some more brand awareness. Although they seem to have no problem selling everything they produce so maybe it is not high on their agenda.

Worth noting we do mention Tindo a few times on our main site https://www.cleanenergyreviews.info/search?q=tindo

As Jason alludes to, we have nothing against the business at all. Our missions has, and always will be, to try and give everyone that is looking to buy solar transparent and unbiased information. The forum is a way for anyone, like yourselves, to chime in on the discussion, so thank you for raising this point.

While we are on the topic of Australian made, worth mentioning Selectronic, which manufactures genuinely world class multi-mode inverters from their headquarters in Victoria. These aren’t your everyday grid-connect inverters, but what you would use for more complex off-grid/hybrid installations.


Also probably worth noting that whilst from all reports Tindo make very good panels, they are not the very best efficiency. The ~ 18% efficiency of the Karra series is quite standard across panels produced today.

Hi Raslan
I am very open minded when choose panels for the installation
A way of comparing panels is to look at their Power Temperature Coefficient in their Data Sheet.
At this moment for a good panels the value is -0.35% to -0.38%. but Tindo Kara( 0.41% ) is NOT what I want. There are panels like Sunpower maxion 2 and 3 , REC Alpha series and some of LG that have values like -0.25% But this is very premium >$1 /watt . TW solar 350w is -0.35% shingled
and generally the panels efficiency is around 20% .

and your location may be close to the coastal where you have sea breeze and at time powerful Roaring 40 this is gift to you for power enhancement

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 7.30.20 am

Regards Esmail of Solar Hybrid Solutions

hi Sam,
it’s good to buy local if you can compare the products from equal level but like SolarHybridSolutions write the specs are not that promising …
maybe in the future but not now and the price must always comparable to the competitor
ps i am from Europe,moving to Philippines, but i gone use a Selectronic for the quality

Choice has no favoritism.
It rates the panels on performance and a host of other features.

Tindo is rated No 2 of the TOP panels here in Australia by choice.

It was just below LG as far as efficiency.

I’m still proud to have purchased Australian made excellent performing panel.

25 year full replacement guarantee.

The bottom line is we all look for the best price !
Sometimes in our rush/lazybones nature we forget “The Quality remains Long after the price is forgotten”.

However, as solar Cell Technology is still rapidly developing, the Latest & Greatest Cell technology will start to becoming obsolete in a short time.

Solar Systems should only take 3~4 years to break even, hears to looking forwards to seeing what will be here in 3 years!
I am awaiting for Flexible shingled Mono, laminated between two Amorphous layers.

Anyone know if Tindo are manufacturing Shingled Cells ?

Can anyone provide Date, QTY & Cost for Tindo panels purchased ?
A Pallet load (27~30) panels would give a better indication of the price.

Does anyone know if, 3D metal Printing is used in Solar Cell Technology ?

Yes price is important but good quality and a backup guarantee from a Australian manufacturer is very important to me.
I am still disappointed by the fact that Tindo Solar does not get a mention from this website.

People can make the choice but should be given the option.

Come on people, get behind Australian manufacturers.

Choice has awarded these people.

Why can’t you?

This is the Link to Download what appears to be the Tindo’s only Solar Panel.
Tindo Karra-300W data sheet;

It looks like all other Quality Solar Modules.
So, ASSuming the wholesale Pallet cost is the same as other Top Quality modules.
They should Currently cost (US$0.23 Watt =US$70) @Today’s exchange rate @$0.64 $0.52W =$160 each module, +Profit & Installation.
I think I got that right for a 300W Module.

Hears to Every premises having Solar & Energy Storage ! :slight_smile: