Solar quotes Coffs Harbour, NSW

Hi, I have 4 Quotes I’d appreciate reviews on … here goes

I like the idea in Q3 of SolarEdge being able to monitor each individual panels performance separately rather than trying to find which panel in string is having issues , is this worth the extra ?

Quote 1
17 x Hyundai 390W HiE-S390VG All Black 6.63kW
Fronius 5kW Primo 5.0-1 Inverter

Quote 2
18 x 370W Sunpower SPR-P3-370W Res 6.66kW
Fronius 5kW Primo 5.0-1 Incl Wi-Fi Inverter
Smart Meter Fronius 63A single phase
Fonius promo of free Smart Meter
May 2021 promo Discount $1132

Quote 3
18 x 370W Sunpower SPR-P3-370W Res 6.66kW
SolarEdge Genesis 1 phase 5kW Inverter with Wi-Fi & Set App
SolarEdge modbus energy meter
SolarEdge 70a Split Core Current Transformer with Wi-Fi & Set App
SolarEdge P401 power optimiser with 0.16 input
May 2021 promo Discount $1132

Quote 4
17 x 370W Longi LR4-60HPH-370M 6.29kW
Fronius Primo Gen24 6kW 1 phase Inverter
Fronius Smart Meter
(this Quote has now been amended up to 18 Panels 6.66kW & $7,000 with Fronius 5kW Primo 5.0-1) I think they want my business ?

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Hi @jhJeff

It’s really a personal choice at the end of the day, how much you value the ability to monitor each panel and the ability to optimise the power curve of each panel. Then there’s a whole big debate about micro inverters vs power optimisers. There’s a thread on it here:

So quote 4 went from $10k to $7k? That would concern me.

The others seem well priced with quality gear (as always, most important thing is the installer reviews). The big decision is probably whether you want that panel level optimisation or not. Then you can focus on the specific products.