Solar Quote Townsville

Was wondering thoughts on the below quotes for Install in Townsville Area

30 x 350w Suntech Full Black Mono Panels
Fronius Primo 8.2kw + Fronius smart meter

28 x370w Sumer Phono Mono-Percent Panels
Goodwe 10kw Inverter, Hot water kit and monitoring

  1. 10.5kw
    30 Hyundai HiE -S350SG 350w Mono Panels
    Fronius Primo 8.2kw + Fronius smart meter


Hi Mark

The Fronius and Suntech looks like a pretty good deal. Is it all by the same company. Have you checked out reviews of the companies?

What’s the deal the the “hot water kit”? Have you got details on that?


Thanks for the response Marty,

The only thing I discussed with provider(from quote 2) regarding hot water was a timer which I figured was pretty standard for most installs? I don’t believe it is any more than that so maybe it was used to make the quote sound better?

Number 1 and 3 quotes were from from same provider - Reviews I checked on them were averaged 4.6/5 from a high volume of sites. Multiple searches showed high level of satisfaction and I couldn’t find any real negative reviews.

They also sold me on the fact they are a Fronius Solutions Partner- apparently a big advantage if there is an Inverter issue as they can fix most issues on site?

N.B. Whilst I originally posted only 3 quotes I had discussions with many others. The reviews weren’t always great with some of them and others simply seemed to cheap to be true.

Anyway thanks again for the expert advice…


Yeah I’d steer away from quote 2, but I reckon the provider for quote 1 & 3 sounds pretty good. Either option would be good.


Awesome thanks Marty