Ch 1. Guide to Buying Solar - Introduction & PDF download

Welcome to the Guide to Buying Solar eBook. You can read the guide right here in your browser, and ask any questions as they come up. Or if you prefer you can download a PDF version here.

Going solar is hard. It’s confusing, overwhelming, and you so often get contradictory information. That’s why we started Clean Energy Reviews, and that’s why we wrote this simple guide to buying solar. Something that gets mentioned a lot in our forum from people that have been researching about solar for months, is that they have ingested a huge amount of information, and still don’t know where to start. This guide takes you through all the important information you need to know, and decisions you need to make one by one. So if you’ve just decided to go solar, then you have started in the right spot. We have kept it as brief and uncomplicated as possible, as to not confuse or overwhelm any further, but have also added a bunch of links for further reading if you feel you need more detail.


Ch 1. Introduction & PDF download
Ch 2. Who should I buy solar from?
Ch 3. What is solar power and how does it work?
Ch 4. Should I buy solar?
Ch 5. How much will a solar power system cost?
Ch 6. What panel and inverter brands should I buy?
Ch 7. Is my house right for solar?
Ch 8. What financial incentives are available?
Ch 9. How big a system should I get?
Ch 10. Conclusion and Next Steps

NOTE - Clean Energy Reviews does not receive any form of financial kickback or reward from anyone. Our opinions are our own, based on years of personal experience, testing, reading, and listening to the views of many solar experts. We are, and always will be an independent review site. Our only source of income currently is via advertising on our website.

As for the next step, we think there is one decision that stands out above the rest for you to get a good quality solar system for a reasonable price, and to be kept informed along the whole journey. That is who you buy your solar system from.

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