Solar power Dubbo | Sunport panels and INVT inverter

Hi! I am super confused so any guidance would be amazing! I have two quotes that are slightly different so I’m not sure the best way to go. I am in Dubbo NSW so we have extreme heat and minus temps. I have a large family hence the large amount of panels etc. We don’t seem to have any issues with the roof/sun for panels which is good.
Quote 1. 21 panels Sunport 6.6kw with INVT inverter $10000

Quote 2 - 24 panels Longi 8.88 kW with Growatt inverter $6900

The first one says warranty 30 years for panels, I think they said 25 for the second but still trying to find it in writing!

Hi Cassandra

Sorry for slow reply. For me, of those two, I would most definitely go for the Longi and Growatt option.

We have little info on Sunport panels and INVT inverters. Whereas Growatt and Longi are very big manufacturers and have been around a long time. They aren’t the best products on the market imo, but they offer a decent low cost option.

Presuming the Growatt is an 8kW inverter, you are basically getting that system at half the price of the other. Even with a top quality system I would balk at that, but considering the products offered, quote 2 for sure!

Thanks so much for your help! Is there something else I should look for instead? I dont mind paying a bit more if theres a better quality or something that will be more beneficial in the long run!

Hi Cassandra

A good place to start is the Guide to Buying Solar:

and in particular, this chapter: