Solar Power Canberra | Trina Solar Panels & Goodwee Inverter

Panels: 20 X 330 Watt Trina 330 haif cells Mono Panels.
Inverter: 1 x Goodwee 5KW 1 phase wifi Inverter,
Installed on a TIN roof, ACT, Single Phase
All done for $3950.

We are 2 Adults and 2 Kids Family paying electricity bill around $425 a quarter.
Couldnt decide if we would have a ROI. Need some solid backing to get permission from the lady of the house.

Is this deal fair, can you help me?


Solar Installers Canberra

Hi @phoneicx

You would certainly have some sort of ROI, and I’d imagine it would be quite good. It’s a reasonably straight forward calc actually. How much electricity do you use (in kWh, you’ll find it on your bill) and what % do you use during daylight hours approx. And how much do you pay per kWh (also on the bill).

I would have thought at that price your payback would be 3-5 years, and then it’s all cream. However, we generally recommend investing a bit more, at least in your inverter, which may put your payback period out further, but would also improve your chances in having a healthy system for longer (and improving your ROI in the long run).


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