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:point_right: Get your quote reviewed by the CER team and our forum community. Let us know:

  • Where you are located (i.e. Sydney Northern Beaches)
  • Panels and Inverter models quoted (i.e. LG Neon 2, Fronius Primo 8.0)
  • System size (i.e. 8kW)
  • Price quoted
  • What your goals are for going solar (eliminate your bill, fastest payback etc)
  • How much power you use (optional)

And we’ll let you know what we think.

*NOTE: It’s useful to post a screenshot from our Solar & Battery Simulator to help analyse your quote.

Guide to Buying Solar

9. Solar Quote Review


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  2. On-grid, Off-grid and Hybrid Solar
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  4. Solar Calculator | System size, price estimate, payback
  5. Solar Rebates & Tariffs
  6. Best Solar Panels
  7. Best Solar Inverters
  8. Solar Installers | Who should I buy solar from?
  9. Solar Quote Review

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