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4 Steps To Going Solar

Before getting quotes, get a clear idea of what system you want, otherwise you will be quickly overwhelmed with information from solar companies.

1. Research first!

If you’re thinking about getting solar to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, you might want to think about other ways you can cut your emissions as well.
:point_right: How to reduce our emissions

2. :point_right: Get a solar quote

Once you decide on the system size and products that you want, find the best installer to work with. CER has a network of top installers that we can point you to.

3. Decide on a quote

  • Make a final decision on which quote to go for.
  • Pay deposit and book an installation.

4. Installation

Your system will be installed, inspected, and connected to the grid!

Guide to Buying Solar cover v1.1 2020

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