Solar quote -Brisbane

Hi, I have had several quotes for solar, some in 2021 and now in 2023. The prices for a 6.6kw system has not varied much although I am just recently getting much cheaper quotes from certain companies which have been recommended by the Solarchoice or SolarQuotes websites.

Aside from the prices I would like to get some advice on the type of panels and inverter to choose if I am willing to pay between 5-6K

A few points:-

  1. Our roof is tin/colorbond and slanted, however has some shade at the back of the home which faces North East. I will try to place a photo of the roof below if possible.
  2. Our consumption on average is about 21.5kw / day.
  3. The quotes I have got recently are such that the panels are placed away from the shaded areas so Optimizers are not required.
  4. I have been also given a quote for a hybrid inverter so a battery can be installed when the QLD govt provides a rebate next year but unsure if I will produce enough energy to store if my usage is high and I do not buy a bigger system

Company - SolEnergy
Quote 1 :- $6530.25 (with hybrid inverter)
System size 6.6 kW
15 × 440W LONGi Solar Hi-MO 6 Scientist - LR5-54HTH-440M
1 × Sungrow SH5.0RS (AS4777-2 2020) · 5000W

Company - SolEnergy
Quote 2 : - $5268 (not hybrid)
System size 6.6 kW
15 × 440W LONGi Solar Hi-MO 6 Scientist - LR5-54HTH-440M
1 × Sungrow SG5.0RS (AS4777-2 2020) · 4999W

Company - SolEnergy
Quote 3: - $5795
System size 6.8 kW
17 × 400W Trina Solar Vertex S - TSM-400DE09.08
1 × GoodWe GW5000-MS · 5500 W

Company - Zip Solar
Quote 4 - $3191
System size 6.6 kW
15 x Akcome Kookaburra Bifacial N-Topcon 440W Black Frame 108 Half-Cut Cells
1 x Solis S5 5kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT Grid Connect
1 x Inbuilt Wi-Fi

Company - Sunny Sky Solar
Quote 5 - $3990
System size 6.6 kW
15 × 440W HT-SAAE HT54-18X(N) - HT54-18X(N)-440
1 × SolaX Power X1-BOOST-5K-G4 (AS4777-2 2020) · 5000W

Company - Keen2BGreen
Quote 6 - $6594
System size 6.4 kW
16 x REC400TP5 Black - 400 Watt panels
Sungrow Multi-MPPT String 4.999 kW Inverter

For Quote 1

For Quote 5

Hi, can someone please advise if possible as I have to make a decision this weekend. Would be much appreciated.

The first two quotes using the Sungrow inverter and Longi Hi-Mo 6 panels are both great options. I’d go with the hybrid inverter if you are considering a battery.

The last quote is also very good using the REC400 Twin-Peak 5 panels.

The roof layout shown for quote 1 makes sense, but and East/West split like option 5 might be better as long as the large tree to the East doesn’t shade the panels too much. It looks like it will shade the panels a lot in summer. (especially early moring)

Many thanks for the advice. I am not quite sure about the battery and hybrid inverter as I have not checked what our day versus nighttime usage is at present and if a 6.6Kw system will suffice for all of it. According to our bills we currently use between 21.2 and 24kw/day - the bill unfortunately does not breakdown day versus night, so I am trying to monitor it today and overnight.

I was told that the QLD govt is planning to give residents a rebate on batteries next year but as I am 60 yrs old and planning to live in this home only for the next 8-10 years at most and then downsize, I am not sure if the cost of getting a bigger system and battery will be recoverable within that time.

Yes, you are right. I just looked and there is some shade on the East side from a branch of a big tree we have at the front of our house :frowning: I did get some branches trimmed earlier this year in April but a new branch must have grown since :(.
Q. Is there a software program I can access to see the shade on the roof at different times of the day and also for different times of the year (seasons) ?

There is professional solar design software that can estimate the annual shading and associated losses, however, it’s not perfect. It seems like the West roof area is the best option.