Newcastle quote - 6.6kw system

Hi all,

I have 4 quotes. Want a trustworthy system and install. Have a west-nor-west facing tile roof, no shading occurs on the roof due to trees etc.

Quote 1 -

  • solahart silhouette panel 370kw *18
  • ABB 6.66kw, single phase inverter
  • $7,300

Quote 2

  • solahart silhouette panel 370kw *18
  • solaredge single phase 6kw inverter
  • $8,500

Quote 3

  • LG mono X Plus *18 panels
  • sunny boy 6kw inverter

Quote 4
LG neon2 * 18 panels

  • Sunnyboy 6kw inverter
  • $11,500

Any thoughts from anyone would be fantastic?



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Hi, went with the Solahart 6.6kw.
21 x solahart Silhouette panels
The inverter was a Solaredge SE5000H
21 x solar edge P370 Optimises.
Full solar edge monitoring

The advantages are if one panels stops working, the rest continue to supply power.
The full monitoring let you know which panels are working and the wattage output.

Due to heat on roof issues optimises are better than individual inverters on each panel.

Check this with Solahart, my rep extremely well informed and articulate about the advantages.

Main thing to watch for is installation and the antenna for the system. Inverters need to go in a cool sun protected place, sometimes WiFi can struggle to get there.
Make sure this I working before you pay final instalment… cheers

The first quote #1 is good to go