Quotes in Nth NSW

Hi I have 2 quotes and very confused.
In sunny Ballina region NSW 2480
Quote 1 Nickel Energy
Trina Solar
7.37 KW 22x335 watt panels TSM 335dd06m.08II (10752 kwh per yr
6.0 Sunny Boy Inverter SBS6.0-10
$8594.55 after rebate taken off
Quote 2 Solahart
6.6kw 22x 300 watt Solahart silhoutee modules (approx. 8500kwh per year)
22 x P300 optimizers
1 SolarEdge SE5000HD wave inverter
$10148 after rebates
We have a nth facing roof but can only fit approx. 12 panel nth, 16 panels west or 14 east? Double story tile roof. Both are long standing companies


Have you got any shading issues at all? If not, the first quote appears to be better value. Both are providing good quality stuff.


nope none, it is only that we are 2 story with varing pitches that panel need to be split