Solarhart quote review Sydney

We are looking to install solar, we have received a few quotes & are leaning towards the Solarhart quote attached. this is really just based upon the brand. Are you able to review & advise whether this seems reasonable. We want a 10KW system as we use approx 34kw per day. Details are as follows;
33 x Solahart 315W (10.39KW) “SILHOUETTE” PREMIUM solar panels 33 x P320 power optimizers (fitted to each panel) 1 x Solar Edge SE8000 HD Wave Inverter 1 x Solar Edge MODBUS meter (enables real time dashboard) 3 x current transformers (3P meter) cost includes all materials and installation. WARRANTY Solahart backed 12 year full product warranty on complete system. manufacturer 25 year product performance warranty on solar panels (min 85% output guaranteed after 25 years) Note: This system will generate approx 38.85kwh power per day (on average) assumes 85% efficiency
Total cost after rebates is $14,800.

To be honest, i dont know whether the equipment is good or bad, i am told it is premium quality but cannot verify. Any help or pointers to where i can get some independent verification would be great.

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Hi Jason,

This is a reasonable quote from Solarhart. SolarEdge is one of the leading (premium) inverters on the market and has some great features, the main benefit being the panel optimisers which enable each panel to operate independently.
For the price quoted I would expect to get the energy meter installed as well (which gives you full household consumption monitoring as well as solar generation)

The SILHOUETTE solar panels are a reasonable panel but I wouldn’t consider them a premium level panel, more of a mid-level panel, but still good quality.

Have you recieved any other quotes?

Thanks & yes we have, the difference in cost seems to be in the panels. The other quotes have larger wattage panels so fewer panles on the roof. I was trying to find some independent information on the Solarhart panels, as they don’t seem to be listed anywhere

The Solarhart panels are made by Hanwha Q cells which is well known, quality panel manufacturer in South Korea. They are similar to the Q cells G4 panels which were a top panel about 2 years ago. Most other manufacturers are now using slightly more powerful half-cut 330W panels.

NO doubt Solarhart will start sourcing the G5 or G6 panels from Q cells in the future.

I will just add that I would recommend taking a good look at SolaHart reviews before purchasing.

How does LGNeOn 2 panels compare? Model LG360N1- N5 to the Solahart Silhouette Premium panels?
I have received another quote similar prices, only variance is the panels?

Hi Jason

We would rank the LG Neon 2 higher based on a number of factors.

Hi, i have received another quote which is substantially lower than the other two. See below for details, Is this due to it being a string inverter?

Central Inverter Solution – TRINA 370W Mono/Fronius – 3-Phase Property with a 3-Phase Inverter – 10.36kW – 28 x TRINA Solar 370W Black panels Mono with a Fronius Symo 8.2kW 3-Phase Inverter fully installed. A Fronius Energy Management Unit supplied and installed is included.