Solar quote Maitland NSW

I have two quotes for very similar ~8.5kW systems - one from a well established company and the other from a fairly new company (registered April 2018). I’ve asked them both to quote on the SolarEdge 8kW inverter with the energy monitoring included, 23x 370W panels. Both quotes come in around $10,500. The difference is in the panels on offer - the larger company is quoting on SOLAHART370S2 (guess who the larger company is :slight_smile: ) and the other is quoting on RISEN RSM132-6-370M. With both being fairly new, I’ve not been able to find much in the way of reviews for either of them. Both are similarly spec’d with some small differences in Electrical Data and Temp. Rating specs which I sort of understand but not enough (e.g.: implications of Open Circuit Voltage and Short Circuit Current) to confidently pick the better panel. If I were to go off warranty alone, then the SolaHart panel is a clear winner with 25yrs vs. 15yrs for the RISEN, but I just don’t know if I missing something obvious

(perhaps this should be posted in the Solar Panels section?)

edit: added warranty in years

Hi @bluefrog

I believe the SolarHart panels are rebranded QCells last time I checked.

Neither of these proposals fills me with excitement. Have you tried Googling the best solar companies in Newcastle area? I would start there. Hit up the companies with the best reviews. It’s good that you have clear idea on the inverter you want, it’s perhaps also worth getting an idea of the panels and specify those too.