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Welcome to the brand new forum for Clean Energy Reviews. This forum is for everyone with an interest in solar and renewables. Please reply or add a topic here to introduce yourself and let us know what interests you in clean energy, and about any projects that you are working on.

Clean Energy Reviews is the place to discuss and find out everything about solar panels, inverters, battery storage, wind, renewable energy policy, and clean transport.

If you are a clean energy professional, reply to or start topics to discuss and debate products and technology. If you’re a consumer, ask questions or add topics to find out more about the complex world of renewable energy.


Hi there, I’m Marty and I started cleanenergyreviews.info in 2014, with my friend Jason, because we were working in solar power but found it really hard to know what products on the market were good and what weren’t.

Twice since I starting in solar in 2011, very popular inverters that a lot if people were using (and I thought we’re pretty good), turned out to be lemons. That was Aerosharp first and then Samil. It was very frustrating to work on installing hundreds of systems with these products, and recommending them to friends etc, only to see them begin to fail one after the other.

We had similar experiences with panels, and batteries, so we decided to ask all the people that knew the most about product quality and performance (mainly solar installers), and to pool that knowledge and write it up on CER.

I currently work for a car share company Car Next Door, and am very interested in clean and smart transport. The way we transport ourselves and our goods is going to completely transform in the next decade or two, and the direction it goes in will have a huge impact on our lives and planet.

I’m keen to hear from you about why you’re interested in clean energy, what city/region you are in, and what projects you are working on or interested in.


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